We carry state of the art equipments to do dry cleaning and laundry.

Family Owned & Operated

Oxford Cleaners is a family owned and operated business, and because of that we can offer lower prices on all your orders which our competitors can't match. Each order is carefully monitored so that you get professional cleaned garments.

Express Bag Service

For those who hate to wait, Oxford Cleaners presents express bag service. Drop off is quick and simple, and pick-up is even faster.

Alterations, Leather, Suede, Wedding Gowns & Household

All Drycleaning and Laundry done on our premises.

Same Day Service

Available at E. and W. Broadway only
Monday - Friday: In by 9:00 am, Out by 5:00 pm
Saturday: In by 8:30 am, Out by 3 pm

Shaow Creek Ranch location
Monday - Friday: in by 8:30 am, Out by 5:00 pm